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Double Helix Research's
International Journal of BioMedical and Life Sciences
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Aims and scope of the journal

Double Helix Research’s International Journal of Bio-Medical and Life Sciences (DHR-IJBLS)

is a half yearly* peer reviewed online international online journal, intended primarily to promote publication (Mini-reviews, Short communication, original research articles, review articles, technical note, pictorial essay, letters and posters) in all fields of:

Basic Sciences (zoology, botany, chemistry, environment science)

Applied sciences viz.



Biomedical Sciences


Veterinary Sciences

Agricultural Sciences

including their commercial, political, ethical, legal, and societal aspects. The language of the DHR-IJBLS  is English.

The core areas in which we are actively seeking research papers include:

Basic Sciences, molecular engineering of nucleic acids and proteins, molecular therapy, large-scale biology, computational biology; regenerative medicine, analytical biotechnology, applied immunology, food and agricultural biotechnology; and environmental biotechnology, research in biomedical sciences, applied pharmaceutical  and life sciences.

We also invite bachelor's/master's/Ph.D. thesis work for publication.


Journal Objective: 

The primary objective of DHRIJBLS is to become a premier source of quality research in different areas of pharmaceutical sciences.

Our Mission:

The key mission of Double Helix Research Journal  is to encourage and provide support to young, budding and motivated researchers, scientists and pharmacists to publish their work in DHR-IJBLS.



DHR-IJBLS publishes research and review articles, rapid and short communications in entire aspects of Applied Sciences with strong emphasis on originality and scientific quality.



Please refer the Guidelines webpage for preparing your manuscript.


For article processing fee please refer Submission webpage.


Please submit your manuscript at:


  1. As soon as an article is received from the corresponding author, the journal management team would screen it for formatting and field suitability.
  2. On satisfactory screening, the paper would be sent to suitable reviewers or members of the editorial board for revision. The review process of an article would involve one week to one month.
  3. On receiving the comments from the reviewers, the decision (Acceptance/ Rejection) of manuscript would be communicated to the corresponding author in form of an official latter of acceptance.
  4. On the other hand, if there are any queries from the reviewer, the same would be sent to the corresponding author for reply and suggested corrections in the manuscript. The corrected manuscript along with the reply of reviewer’s queries should be sent back to the editor for further processing.
  5. The final proof of the manuscript would then be sent to the corresponding author for final corrections. Please note that this would be the last chance for the authors to make any corrections in the paper. Only minor corrections in the format, language, figures and tables would be accepted at this stage. No major change in the text or the content of the paper would be accepted at this stage.
  6. Finally, on receiving the corrected proofs, the paper would be published online in the subsequent issue of the journal.


If you have any questions please contact the Editor at:


* from January 2012

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