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Research News For U” (RNFU) is a monthly publication of Double Helix Research. It is published online. RNFU is distributed to research company proprietors, research consultants, research scientists, doctors, research managers, marketing executives, academicians and students.

Research News For U” includes news and updates about research in any field, its effects and impact on the society in general.  RNFU is also available for libraries, clinics, companies, Institutes and also individuals by subscription.

RNFU calls for Mini-reviews, Short communications, letters, reviews, Hot and popular articles posters etc.

All the publication or manuscript styles are welcome in RNFU, you may sent your article in word processing documents on A4, or Letter size papers.

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* If your paper is accepted for publication in DHR-Magazine you will get the Article Processing Fee account detail with the acceptance letter of your paper. Please refer submission webpage for charges details.


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